About 90-Day Game Telegames

A 90-Day Game Telegame is a small group forum conducted on a teleconference line.  Guided by a certified faciliplayer, 6-8 players come together to play and create whatever they want.  The 90-Day Game book provides the structure.  Your game experience is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Click here for more information about 90-Day Telegames.

The 90-Day Game Telegames set an amazingly rich environment for players to create whatever their heart and soul desires.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to create?”  Whether it’s reaching goals or cultivating states of being, each requires clarity, emotional intelligence and buoyancy, a healthy perspective and attitude, confidence, creativity, a strong belief structure along with taking practical action.  You’ll get a healthy dose of inspiration from the synergy of dynamic player interaction.  Click here for more about the benefits of playing a 90-Day Game Telegame.

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The best way to find out if the game is a fit for you is by participating in a free introductory session.  You’ll learn a lot about the game and get your questions answered.

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