Become a Faciliplayer


What’s a Faciliplayer?

90-Day Game Faciliplayers both facilitate and play the game along with their team of players, hence – Faciliplayers.  They are “in the game” living the principles, playing the game plays and practices and creating wonderful outcomes in their fabulous lives right along with their fellow players.

Our Mission

We believe within every human being there is inherent greatness. Our mission is to evoke that inherent greatness by establishing a welcoming and supportive environment for:

Optimal objective perspective yielding:
Best choices
Greatest outcomes
Maximized enjoyment

Becoming a Certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer

We are seeking coaches, teachers and others who have facilitating skills, and are passionate about enhancing the lives of others as well as themselves. People with sales experience, therapists and those who have developed people skills either through training or life experience may inquire.

Does Our Mission Resonate with YOU?

If our mission resonates with you, find out more about becoming a certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer.  If you have the people skills, the passion and have played a 90-Day Game Telegame, you are eligible to participate in our certification program. Just like the 90-Day Game Telegames, our certification program is also conducted by teleconference.  Write us at for complete information.