Arna Berg

arna-bergMy whole life and, in hindsight, ‘raison d’être’ has been helping people.  Whether in business or personal growth, empowering people to become successful with any undertaking: writing their resume, planning a trip, visioning their next move, obtaining a fulfilling job, setting out to change the world.  A myriad of opportunities have come my way to be of service.

I am empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, honest & trustworthy and with good communication skills. And, whether leader or participant, I give it my all.

After more than 20 years working with the Silva Method to empower individuals and honing my skills of organizing, marketing, presenting and personal mentoring, I was looking for a different, more individual, heart-based way of helping people to unfold their true potential.  I was at a plateau in my own spiritual and personal growth. Then I was offered the chance to participate in the 90 Day Game.   It was truly a ‘Game Changer’ for me, a way to learn new skills to bring clarity and understanding and an opportunity to channel present skills into a new way of helping people improve their lives. The 90 day game definitely fit the bill.

I bring a wealth of experience from the smorgasbord of life, including:

  • Certified Silva Method BLS 1992
  • Certified Instructor Silva Life Accelerator System
  • Certified Instructor Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System
  • Certified Silva Success Coach (John Felitto – Trained)
  • Certified Instr. Silva Method Relaxation Seminar
  • Reiki Level I & II
  • Intuition Training; Carolyn Myss / Norm Sheeley
  • Group Leader Practicing Presence Groups – Eckhart Tolle Teachings
  • Successful Entrepreneur & Businesswoman
  • Marathon runner / Triathlete