Barbara Hawkins

B_HawkinsMy name’s Barbara Hawkins and I’m a Certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer. Here’s a bit about me… on a personal note, that is. I love to have fun and exploring new techniques, ideas and concepts. Some people call me an intellectual, or a philosopher. That sure sounds boring but it’s fun, an adventure, to delve into new ideas, looking for differences and common ground. Expands my thinking, my mind gets a work-out!

Perhaps you already know that I’ve been teaching The Silva Method for over 20 years now and coaching some of the Graduates. A few years after I started with Silva, I expanded my work to include hypnotherapy – both individual clients and certification classes – and this further expanded my coaching practice.

Last year, John Felitto asked me to become part of the 90-Day Game roll and I’m so thankful! This terrific program – The 90-Day Game – has met and exceeded everything I could have dreamed of… and more! The game brings new techniques, ideas, personal exploration / spiritual depth, and fun. I did mention fun, right? And even when you’re part of the group telegame, you’re never expected to offer anything that would make you uncomfortable. Who could ask for more?!

I invite you to expand your horizons, create new things which enrich your life and have fun in the process. I’m looking forward to getting to know you through sharing this awesome experience.