Maria Vizzi

MariaIt was my good fortune to be referred to John Felitto at a time when I was making a BIG transition from Corporate Sales to starting my own business. I was scared; ill-equipped to deal with the emotional roller coaster for which I was about to embark. Through his expert coaching and more than a few 90-Day Games under my belt, 13 years later, my business is flourishing. Could I have had the same success without knowing John or the 90-Day Game? Maybe, but I doubt it. I would have been trying to build something (my life and business) without any of these specialized “tools.”

Like many people, I was molded by influences that support fear, lack, and a resignation that life is meant to be difficult. The truth is that it can be, if you don’t have the right tools. Try to imagine building a house with just a wrench. You get the picture.

The 90-Day Game is a set of tools, grounded in sound principles that has helped build the life I want. More importantly, it helped me deal with the day-to-day events that in the past could have been difficult to navigate. Life isn’t a straight line; we know this.

Over the years I have imparted, through both discussion and example, 90-Day Game plays with important people in my life. I have had tremendous satisfaction watching them confront life with more courage and zest as a result.

By becoming a Certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer, I can simply help more people become experts in the game of Life and of course, and in doing so, I get to play too. Every day we need to Wash, Rinse, then Repeat – right?

Come join an upcoming 90-Day Game to gather more Life loving, Life Coping, business building, I-can-do-anything-my-heart-desires tools.