Michael Levine

M_Levine“The only difference between a fabulous life and something less than a fabulous life is one of attitude and perspective. When you realize this, you will know that you are already living a fabulous life.” These words are written in the book, The 90-Day Game.

Focusing on the struggles keeps us from seeing our successes.   Staying awake to the successes will help us to achieve more of what we want.

We all have “goals” in wellness, career and finance, relationships, recreation, and/or contribution. Celebrate your riches and successes and you will have more.

I was introduced to these words at the perfect time, when I was being challenged in many parts of my life. What I thought was impossible and overwhelming became a learning experience that helped me get to where I am today.   I am excited to introduce the game to others so that they can realize their potential.

The 90-Day Game creates an orderly way to create what we want while we enjoy the process.