Mike Murphy

M_MurphyI am a Global Peace Ambassador, therapist, recovery coach and facilitator of Compassionate Communication. The giraffe with its 26 pound heart represents the language of the heart. Just as the giraffe dissolves thorns from the acacia tree into compost, we can learn to resourcefully transform the “thorny messages” from our past into a resourceful field of possibility. We learn to be skillful gardeners of our own lives through developing enhanced awareness with self-acceptance, self-empowerment through the freedom of response-ability, and the joy of open-hearted giving and receiving. We are delighted with the easeful and peaceful blossoming of our skillful actions.

The 90-Day Game gives us an invitational “judgment free zone” based on mutual respect within which we can discover and express the fullness of who we truly are. We are supported in identifying our strengths and our vision for ourselves based on our core values of integrity and authentic self-expression.

For me, there is no greater joy than contributing to the happiness and well being of others. Your joining us in this delightful 90 Day Game of life will be a gift to us both.