Rand Littlestone

R_LittlestoneSince my early teens I have been asking questions: Who are we really? What is the nature of reality? How do we find lasting happiness and make the most of our all-too-short lives?

I didn’t find the answers in religion or science, or in my 31-year corporate career, though there was much I enjoyed and gained from each. In my incessant searching, I did find glimpses of what felt like the “Truth” in various teachings and practices. I explored several, ultimately finding my path in Tibetan Buddhism.

Along the way, I met John Felitto and had the opportunity to play the 90-Day Game multiple times in its evolution. For me, the 90-Day Game is nothing less than an incredibly powerful method to bridge the essential principles of our fundamental natures (i.e. “The Truth”) with the practical reality of living day-to-day (also true!), creating what we desire and improving the quality of our lives in the process. This is HUGE!

So, why did I become a certified 90-Day Game faciliplayer?

I love the game and how it supports people in actually getting what they want. I love seeing how much people grow and flourish by playing the game, learning how they actively create their experiences and how to be more in command of the process. I find enormous satisfaction in engaging with others who are interested in questioning the limiting assumptions that our culture promotes and realizing the power we all have.

Please join me in a game and together let’s create what we truly desire while learning how to fully and joyfully live our fabulous lives.