Rudra Dasgupta

RudraI was in a critical stage of my life, trying to find myself, when I was drawn to John Felitto and the 90-Day Game. When I first spoke to John, we instantly connected and I was attracted by his deeper understanding of life and compassionate guidance. The 90-Day Game came into my life as a “game changer” which brought new meaning to my life.

Being in the corporate world for more than two decades, many of my deep-rooted beliefs on Goal setting were challenged. I came to understand how to navigate through life’s journey in a more Soulful way; a journey which was initially difficult to fathom but soon became a part of my life. While playing the game I could achieve more than I ever could in many years put together. I took a bold decision; a giant leap by stepping out of my job and started my organization – Your Bigger Impact (YBI). Based out of Dubai (YBI) helps business owners, consultants and working professionals “lead” themselves, expand their consciousness and explore growth opportunities thereby adding more purpose, value and profits in a more “inside-out” way.

The 90-Day Game has helped and impacted me so much so, that I decided to make it a part of my life and also introduce the “magic” in as many lives as possible. Today, not only have I myself played several 90-Day Games, (and I am still playing), I have introduced the same to many who have experienced the magic in their career, business and their lives through this transformational game. They have become hugely effective, reduced their working hours drastically, grown their business tremendously, working on their passion and created wonderful relationships with absolute ease and grace.

I love the game, encourage everyone to play and glad to serve as many as I can.