How to Play

Do you prefer to play on your own, with a buddy, a faciliplayer, or in a group? The choice is yours. The day-to-day format of the game is designed to produce results for all playing styles.

If you are a self-starter who is more comfortable flying solo, get the book and your game gear and go for it. Most find that buddying up with a fellow player, a faciliplayer or playing with a group led by a faciliplayer creates structure and accountability, helping them remain in the game.

The 90-Day Telegame offers the optimal playing environment.

When playing in a group Telegame, you will be guided by a 90-Day Game faciliplayer each step along the way, and you will also be inspired by your fellow game players’ shifts and progress.

  • You tap into the synergy of the group
  • Learn from and relate to your fellow players’ wins and challenges
  • Get direct support by a skilled faciliplayer
  • The groups are small (6 – 8 players) so every player can be heard, receive support and contribute to the team
  • Telegames make it easier to keep pace and maintain a high level of commitment
  • And it is simple. If you have a phone, you have all you need
  • Telegame groups meet once weekly for 13 weeks
  • Each weekly session is one hour in duration
  • If you miss a call you’ll get a recording of the session
  • And your participation fee comes with a 100 percent unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

What You Get:

  • 13 one-hour Group Coaching telegame sessions (Live)
  • 24/7 online and mp3 access of recorded group sessions assuring that you will never miss a call
  • The 90-Day Game Book
  • The 90-Day Game Playbook complete with all the templates, action logs, checklists and exercises from the 90-Day Game Book
  • The Spiritual Principles Card Deck
  • Mind Game CDs with 10 Mental Exercises to enroll your subconscious mind
  • One-to-one Coaching with a certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer
  • Free participation in Players’ Clinics
  • Email support is available throughout the 90 days

View our Telegame Schedule and Pricing Options

Here you have the option to play a private game, one-to-one, with a certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer Coach.

Do you want schedule flexibility not possible in a group telegame? Are you uncomfortable sharing your experiences and progress in a group setting, or would you just like more personalized support? If so, then a one-to-one 90 Day Telegame may be for you.

Our faciliplayers have expertise in the game process and are skillful at evoking your greatness. They don’t tell you what to do. They draw out the best in you. Your faciliplayer-coach isn’t in your movie, he’s just watching. With that objectivity, your faciliplayer will ask skillful questions, note your strengths and provide you with customized support throughout the game to create what you truly want while enjoying the process.  Professional faciliplayers are groomed with listening skills and a depth of understanding that will enhance your game experience, enjoyment and results.

To set-up a private Telegame, or find out how you can get “on the fly” coaching support whenever you’d like it from one of our faciliplayers, write us at

Buddies are game players who may be playing on their own, or in a 90-Day Game Telegame.  They provide each other with the invaluable ingredients of accountability, objectivity and feedback throughout the game.

Buddies connect by email, telephone or both.  Together, you determine how often you’d like to make contact and the kind of support you want.

You may have a friend who’d like to play with you.  If not, we’d like to help.  To find a buddy that meets your needs, contact us at and request our Game Buddy Request Form. Upon receipt of your completed form we’ll get back to you with a list of available buddies who meet your criteria.