It’s Game Time!

What do you think we are doing?  Playing games?

Well, your right!

Telegames begin the week of September 28th

Come play with us!


We’re offering you a special – $225 discount to play in a September Telegame — See Telegame Schedule

That means, you can play the Telegame for:

3 monthly installments of $222 (usually $297) or
1 payment of $622 (usually $847)


90-Day Telegames come with an unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee In today’s technological world, digital downloads provide the inspiration for growth and development. Although helpful, The 90-Day Telegames bring the value of human interaction, compassion, collaboration and play; powerful elements which often seem to be forgotten. What’s available to 90-Day Telegame players:

  • You’ll be guided by a 90-Day Game faciliplayer each step along the way
  • You will be inspired by your fellow game players’ shifts and progress


  • Groups are small (6 – 8 players) so every player can be heard, receive support and contribute to the team


  • You’ll tap into the synergy of the group


  • Learn from and relate to your fellow players’ wins and challenges


  • Telegames make it easier to keep pace and maintain a high level of commitment


  • And it’s simple. A phone is all you need


  • And your participation fee comes with a 100 percent unconditional satisfaction guarantee!



What You Get:

  • 13 weekly one-hour Telegame sessions (Live)
  • 24/7 online and mp3 access of recorded group sessions assuring that you will never miss a call


  • The 90-Day Game Book (hardcopy version)


  • The 90-Day Game Playbook (workbook) complete with all the templates, action logs, checklists and exercises from the 90-Day Game Book


  • The Spiritual Principles Card Deck on a firm and glossy card stock


  • 3 CDs with 10 audio Mind Games mental exercises to enroll your inner conscious mind


  • Email support is available throughout the 90 days



Includes these Special Features: One-to-one Coaching with a certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer.  This alone is worth the price of admission. Outside of the group sessions, your faciliplayer meets with you to provide whatever level of coaching support you need to create what you truly want and enjoy the process. Players’ Clinics sharpen your playing skills. They provide in-depth discussion and coaching on structure, principles, game plays and practices.  Each Clinic enables the players to refine the art of a specific game strategy and have their questions answered. John Felitto, author and architect of the 90-Day Game, is your clinic faciliplayer.  There are 6 “live” Clinics.  They are recorded, accessible for download, and yours to keep and review at any time. Telegame Players participate free. The Player’s Club is a community of avid explorers who revel in integrating the 90-Day Game principles, plays and practices into all areas of their fabulous lives.  This ongoing support structure helps us all stay on track, reinforce and continue to practice what we’ve learned, and deepen our understanding to get the most we can out of our fabulous lives.  Each session is recorded, accessible for download, and yours to keep and review at any time.  As an active Telegame Player your membership is free. Coupon Codes (Save $225)90-Day Telegames come with an unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee

To enroll:

  1. Go to the schedule page
  2. Open the 90-Day Game Telegame schedule
  3. Click the “join” button on the game you’d like to participate in
  4. At the shopping cart enter either $847 or $297
  5. Then enter the appropriate coupon code and your account will be credited with the discount

Isn’t it time to create what you want?  Come play with us and get on with living the fabulous life that awaits you!