Players’ Clinics & Club

Players join Players’ Clinics to sharpen their game skills.  Clinics provide in-depth discussion and coaching on structure, principles, game plays and practices.  Each Clinic enables the players to refine the art of a specific game strategy and have their questions answered. John Felitto, author and architect of the 90-Day Game, is your clinic faciliplayer.

Clinics are recorded, accessible for download, and yours to keep and review at any time.

Each Clinic – $17

Current Telegame Players participate free

Free participation for Players’ Club Members (after three months of membership)

Date Clinic Description
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The Strong Start Clinic  provides orientation with emphasis on key concepts covered in Days 1 through 4.  After this clinic, you’ll know how to get the most out of your 90-Day Game experience.
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The Great Day Game Plays Clinic  will deepen your understanding of these game plays and how they help you reconnect you with your soulful spirit; lighten your emotions; broaden your perspective; sensitize you to the opportunities present and line you up for enjoyably focused and productive days. Your grasp on these fundamentals will maximize the benefits you’ll experience from the core game practices going forward.
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The Power of Intent Clinic  will clarify the Meaningful Intentions framework, the refinement steps, and the value of remaining awake to your passions, talents and values. Bring your responses to the jumpstart questions and refinement steps play sheets with you to the call.
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The Power of Directed Attention Clinic  will increase your competency to play with a wide variety of dynamic mental applications, increasing your effectiveness and enabling you to enjoy the many benefits which stem from playing Mind Games. Get tips on how you can create Mind Games of your own, contribute your experiences, and get your questions answered on this interactive session.
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Navigating Your Great Adventure Clinic  will deepen your communication with your soul. Players have two places to go to gain valuable guidance information from their emotions and self-talk – The Guest House and the Courtroom. On this clinic, we will discuss ways you can optimize your use of these techniques and when it is appropriate to take a BMW ride as well.  Often, we think of these strategies when we are grappling with challenges and seeking solutions.  Although useful, there are additional applications for creativity and insight generation.  Develop a rich relationship with your inner states and you will develop a new appreciative relationship with yourself.
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Moving Forward Clinic  As Dr. Bernie Siegel stated in the Foreword, “Graduations are called commencements because they represent a new beginning and, that is what you will learn from the 90-Day Game.” With the spirit of new beginnings, this clinic explores ways you can continue to strengthen the new competencies you’ve invested in developing over the past 90 days.  The practices you find valuable will be long-lasting with continued practice.  Together we will explore ways that will integrate these practices into your life for your benefit now, and for the rest of your fabulous life to come.

Fabulous Life Teleconferences are exclusively for Players’ Club Members Only.  Find out how you can join the Club now.

Date Event Description
The second Tuesday of every month from 12 -1pm Eastern
Living Your Fabulous Life Teleconferences are monthly calls with John Felitto, the author and architect of the 90-Day Game, along with our faciliplayer team and fellow club members (that’s you!) with the focus on living the principles.  We kick-off each call with a 90-Day Game Principle and through open interaction; our players develop lively and meaningful conversation with practical application for integration and enhancement in the quality of our fabulous lives.