The Book

90-Day Game CoverLearn how to use your inborn resources to create

what you want in life—and enjoy the process!

The 90-Day Game  creates the environment to evoke your greatness through case studies, imagination, metaphor, and a rich set of tools, templates, checklists and exercises help to guide you every step of the way.

Playing The 90-Day Game  will help you:

  • Increase clarity of purpose and awareness of who you are and where you are going
  • Enhance focus, light-heartedness, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Get you thinking more creatively
  • Develop the objectivity needed to maintain and regain your course
  • Take action with the simple structure provided

Playing The 90-Day Game  will show you:

  • That all you need to create what you deeply desire is already within you
  • How to get comfortable with the natural discomfort of change
  • How to stop struggling and accomplish more with grace and ease
  • That what you believe to be true is flexible and can be rewritten
  • That what you have labeled as “negative” can be recast as valuable guidance information
90-Day Game Cover

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In addition to creating and enjoying what you want, you will walk away with a new view of yourself and a fresh perspective on your capabilities. You will be more joyful, appreciative, fulfilled, and self-accepting.

Get ready to live your fabulous life!

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About the Author John

John Felitto is a trusted coach, highly respected advisor and thought leader to entrepreneurs internationally. He is the founder of Felitto Coaching & Consulting Associates.

For more than three decades, his practical methods have helped both individuals and business owners enhance the quality of their lives, guiding them to realize their intentions. John is renowned for his expertise in translating deep principles and concepts into practical strategies and steps for greater personal and professional fulfillment.

John’s lifelong curiosity with mindfulness and its impact on human behavior developed into an insatiable thirst for learning. He calls upon 40 years of study in fields ranging from esoteric consciousness to value-based principles, emotional intelligence, and analytic self-regulation strategies and more. Interviews with bestselling authors on his radio show, Living Your Fabulous Life, as well as in-depth experience with his many clients deepened and enriched his expertise.

Through deep listening and Socratic inquiry, he creates a powerful environment for his clients’ self-discovery thereby evoking their own inherent greatness. He is training other coaches interested in working with his methodology to expand his reach and enhance lives globally.

John lives with his wife of 34 years, and their three children in Pearl River, New York. John strongly encourages his clients to play–both for the joy of it and for its rejuvenating qualities that lead to fresh insights. He walks his talk as a private pilot and avid electric guitarist.