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What do you want out of your business, your career, your life?

What is the 90-Day Game? Simply your chance to live the fabulous life you deserve, while thoroughly enjoying the process! The 90-Day Game is a guided, detailed, day-by-day program through which you will learn the tools, skills, perspectives and practices you need to:

  • Create whatever you want in 90 days
  • Skillfully use your desires, thoughts and emotions – rather than be used by them
  • Develop habits and skills that will serve you for a lifetime
  • USE your resistance to change, to actually accomplish the change you desire.
  • Leverage the power of your personal values, talents, strengths and what brings you joy, lightness and energy to fuel your progress and overcome challenges
  • It’s all about YOU – what YOU want, what YOU think, what YOU feel and what YOU deserve – for your benefit and the benefit of everyone in your life

The Game is 90 days because studies have shown that this is an ideal time to learn a new skill and develop a new habit; during that time, these principles, attitudes and perspectives will be reinforced and supported.

FREE Introductory Teleseminar

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What’s available to 90-Day Game players:

The 90-Day Game book, which is the game, walks you through a 90 day journey, day-by-day, with all the background, tools, templates and exercises you need to play on your own. It includes a “game pack” with audio files, cards, and forms that can be downloaded for free. The book is available on Amazon and here on this website.

The Website is designed to support you in your play. There you can read more about the game, watch videos, and blogs explaining key aspects of the game.

Telegames are facilitated by a certified “Faciliplayer” who guides you and a small group of like-minded players (or you alone), week-by-week, through the game. For most people this will be the most effective, powerful way to play and to reap the greatest benefits

Players’ Clinics are designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your experience.

The Players’ Club is a unique community whose purpose and intention is to integrate the principles, attitudes and perspectives embodied and practiced in the game into the rest of our lives. This ongoing support structure helps us all stay on track, reinforce and continue to practice what we’ve learned, and deepen our understanding to get the most we can out of our fabulous lives.

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