Ask Yourself, “What Can I Create in 90 Days?”

“What do I want out of my business, my career, my life?”

The 90-Day Game sets the environment to evoke your greatness. It can help you gain clarity, confidence and the strength needed to make changes and shifts that you may have, at some level, previously resisted.

The game’s tools and techniques deepen your understanding of your incredible design. With that understanding, you will discover resources within you that you never knew you had.

The 90-Day Telegames begin the week of August 3rd.

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90-Day Telegames come with an unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee

All You Need to Create What You Deeply Desire is Already within You

At a deep level, your soul knows not only who you are and why you are here, it also knows how to guide you to live life fully.  How do we tap into our soul’s code?  How do we create what we want?  In the game, you’ll develop a conversation with your soul and powerfully tap into its guidance.  The conversation begins early on and will be continually refined throughout the 90 days.

It is a Celebration! There is Nothing to Fix

All too often, we are told that there is something wrong with us and some genius has discovered how to fix us.  There is a huge distinction between fixing and creating. During the game, you’ll become increasingly aware of how beautifully designed you are to create. The 90-Day Game is a creation system that we’ve been playing and refining for over 12 years.  It is celebration of life itself and our incredible design.

Be All You Are

There is no need to be all you can be, when you can be all you already are. All we need to do is blow the dust off limiting assumptions and uncover your inherent greatness.

There is Perfection within the Perceived Imperfection

Your urges are coming from that very deep place. Your emotions and self-talk often seem to hinder your progress. When understood, your emotions and self-talk become guidance systems to meet your deepest needs and fortify beliefs in yourself and in your plans. Then, it is a simple matter of taking elegant, refined, practical action.

Beliefs Can and Do Change

You are not subject to or trapped by your beliefs. Through the power of directed attention, you will discover that you have the ability to recondition your belief system. When playing in earnest, you will strengthen and fortify beliefs in alignment with your intention and create what you want.

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

The prospect of any change can be unsettling. It is natural to have uncomfortable feelings. They are part of your amazing design; to protect you from potential harm. Rather than fighting or fleeing from these emotional reactions, you will engage, understand, and use them productively for your benefit and the benefit of those you care about. You will cease ruminating on these feelings and learn how to reappraise them objectively, be grateful for their message, and utilize them to strengthen your commitment.

Setting the Environment to Evoke Your Greatness

The game introduces you right away to your four inborn resources of soul, emotion, mind and behavior. An environment is established to stimulate these resources and bring them into alignment. This is done through what we call great day game plays.

If You Are Not Having Fun You are Trying Too Hard

We are conditioned in the belief that we must struggle to accomplish great things. Actually, this is a fearful reaction to uncertainty. When you are clear and your resources are aligned, you accomplish more with less struggling. Yes, you need to apply yourself for sure but when you are struggling, it’s time to step away, take a break, play, refresh, refuel, revitalize.

Rules of the Game

  1. YOU make the rules, WE provide the guidelines
  2. Be committed: You’re worthy of a great life – You’re worth the time investment
  3. Create what you want: You don’t need anyone’s permission
  4. You can hit the reset button any time you want:  Deeper needs often arise within the process
  5. Play with it! See it as a great adventure – Be an explorer – You can’t do it wrong – Play and learn about you
  6. Play: Actually play! Do what you love guilt-free – You’ll be more creative and receptive to fresh ideas – Enjoy life now!
  7. Play gracefully: only 15-20 minutes – 4-5 days a week
  8. Relax: You have 90 days

Telegames Fill a Modern Day Void

In today’s technological world, digital downloads provide the inspiration for growth and development. Although helpful, The 90-Day Telegames highlight the value of human interaction, compassion, collaboration and play as powerful elements which often seem to be forgotten.  90-Day Telegames are played in small groups of between 6-8 players.  The synergy created within these groups is quite remarkable. 

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The 90-Day Telegames begin the week of August 3rd.


Request your discount now!

A $225 discount coupon applied to the full program or,

A $75 discount coupon applied to each payment when paying the program in three monthly installments

90-Day Telegames come with an unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee