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Good News, Bad News. It's All Wonderful News.

Although wonderful indeed, research shows that the achievement of outcomes (like winning the lottery, getting that dream job, reaching your ideal weight, or finding your soul mate) has a fleeting effect emotionally.

Gratefully, this is true for unexpected events (like a job loss, a house fire, a significant illness, or a dreadful miscarriage, all of which my family has experienced). Everyone has their own checklist of joys and sorrows.

The significant emotional impact of these events with reasonably healthy individuals lasts only a few months or less. We human beings are an amazingly adaptable and resilient species (see The New York Times article, “Rolling With the Punches, at Any Stage of Life”).

The good news is that pain is temporary; the bad news is that the pleasure of reaching a goal is equally fleeting. But it really isn’t good news/bad news at all. It is all wonderful news and, when understood, can lead you to a new way of thinking, a sense of freedom, and ongoing joy.

Where does this joy, contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment lie?

The cliché that "it's all about the journey" is a cliché for a reason. It is true!

The 90-Day Game invites you to enjoy life now by engaging in meaningful intentions filled with passion, purpose, love, and benefits for all. This outlook gets you jumping out of bed in the morning with rich enthusiasm to embrace the day and the gift life truly is.

By creating a process that is thoroughly engaging, you can enjoy life now!

Being on the path of creation generates consistent desirable outcomes, which we all desire. But the joy of these outcomes will pass and new desires will emerge.

I invite you to shift from the social hypnosis, which is embedded in our culture, making us believe that outcomes are all that matter and are measures of our worth. When you shift to a process that generates ongoing, desirable outcomes while reveling in meaningful activities that align with your passions, talents, and values, you will recognize the freedom of being joyful in the present while enjoying the trip along the way.

I find it amusing that enjoying life now paradoxically produces more desirable outcomes faster than fixating on goals and forcing results. There is magic within the human spirit and, when resonating with joy, it produces joyful outcomes.

All human beings are born with innate, unique abilities. Everyone—not just the prettiest, most talented, or the smartest—can enjoy a high-quality, day-to-day life by embracing our authentic nature without the need to be all things to all people.

Is it time to stop chasing goals and live the life you want now? It's your call.

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