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To play the 90-Day Game you'll also need 10 Mind Game Audio Exercises and 10 Spiritual Principles Cards – both included with purchase.

The 90-Day Game Book

The Game Book is the course. Laid out in a day-to-day format, makes it easy to stay on course. The 90-Day Game creates the environment to evoke your greatness through case studies, imagination, metaphor, and a rich set of tools, templates, checklists and exercises help to guide you every step of the way. Purchase includes free access to Mind Game Audio and PDF version of Game Cards.
Paperback: $17.99

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The Video Companion

Playing is easiest with coaching. The video companion has John giving you all the insights - part by part as there are 13 Chapters and 9 Parts - so you don't miss a thing. It's a highly effective motivational tool to keep you playing and growing.

Now free on YouTube


The Playbook

This companion playbook includes all of the templates, checklists and exercises from the 90-Day Game Book. Forms and checklists to track your action steps and keep you on course toward your desired destination are all laid out in a helpful and orderly fashion. The perfect place to capture your responses, thoughts, insights, and epiphanies. This playbook becomes your permanent record of personal discoveries and growth.

Paperback: $8.99

Video Companion

Mind Game Audio

The Game includes 10 dynamic mental exercises designed to support you in developing access, communication, and command of your inner states of consciousness. Mind Games soothe your nervous system and synchronize your emotions and thoughts with the practical actions you are taking within the creation process. Free download with your 90-Day Game Book purchase.
3 CDs: $11.97


Game Cards

The Top Ten Spiritual Principles for Evoking Your Greatness invites you, the player, to reflect on your motivations and actions. Each game day engages one of the values-based principles and gives consideration to how that particular principle relates to what you are experiencing, enjoying and creating within your fabulous life. They are two-sided and include recommended questions you are encouraged to reflect upon.
Principles Card Deck: $4.97


90-Day Game Bundle

includes the paperback versions of the 90-Day Game Game Book and the 90-Day Game Playbook, the Principle Card Deck on a firm and glossy card stock and 10 audio Mind Games on 3 CDs:
Bundle: $34.97


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