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Play Your Way to a Better Life


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A Life Plan that Sticks

I created the 90-Day Game to give players a life plan that sticks. We learn more when we play. 

In 90 days, turn a habit into a practice.

John Felitto

Author. Coach. Fun-Seeker.

Founder, 90-Day Game

Why Play Games?

The 90-Day Game is a life coaching system built for the real world, which is filled with ups and downs. We'll teach you to turn negative emotions into learning tools. 

The Game lasts 90 days. The benefits last a lifetime.


Playing the Game will help you:

  • Turn negatives into positives

  • Increase clarity of purpose and awareness of who you are and where you are going

  • Enhance focus, light-heartedness, enthusiasm, and energy

  • Get you thinking more creatively

  • Develop the objectivity needed to maintain and regain your course

  • Give you a simple structure for taking action





Reshape Your Life

Enjoy the Process

Use the Book

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The video companion piece is a 9-part  accompaniment series to the book and dynamic way to play the 90-Day Game.

Game Gear

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Blog Posts

Wisdom that'll keep your head in the game.


“John is one of my favorite people. Excellent coach, fantastic person. Truly cares about his clients -- even when they're not his clients anymore. Love him!”

Blaire Allison

"The Love Guru"


“The 90-Day Game is packed full of ‘original’ content ... gleaned not only from observation and experience but also from soul-searching contemplation. By communicating via a collaborative game, John and his team ensure that you not only absorb the content, but also that you ACT on it, all the while having fun.”

Quentin English 
Found Fund Solutions


“Some years ago I played your game and I'm 100% sure your work helped plant the seeds necessary for my dreams to root and I am forever grateful! Your 90-Day Game gave me the clarity of what I Really Really wanted and your amazing love, support and coaching guided me on the path to living my life's purpose. Thank you.”

Laura Cullen

EFT Practitioner



Need to Talk?

Learn the life coaching system built for the real world of ups and downs

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