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Meet Your Faciliplayers


John Beljean

With a diverse and well-rounded background, I bring fun, compassion, generosity and a sense of adventure to the 90-Day Game. I truly believe that you can do anything when you focus your attention on it.

Thanks in part to the 90-Day Game: Commercial Real Estate in Manhattan; Sports Marketing with the Baseball Hall of Fame; Financial Services with Bloomberg LP; Coaching with McKinsey Consulting are a few of the successful career experiences I have under my belt so far. Currently, I enjoy having my own personal and business results coaching practice and on weekends, I serve as an Interpretive Park Ranger with the National Park Service.

As your co-facilitator, you’ll find me accepting, open minded, direct and to the point. The greatest asset I bring is my ability to listen. I don’t believe everything is black and white or set in stone. I’ll encourage you to play in the gray!

I am here to support you in achieving your goals, desires and dreams. Together, we will bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be. After all… if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained.


My whole life and, in hindsight, ‘raison d’être’ has been helping people. Whether in business or personal growth, empowering people to become successful with any undertaking: writing their resume, planning a trip, visioning their next move, obtaining a fulfilling job, setting out to change the world. A myriad of opportunities have come my way to be of service.

I am empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, honest & trustworthy and with good communication skills. And, whether leader or participant, I give it my all.

After more than 20 years working with the Silva Method to empower individuals and honing my skills of organizing, marketing, presenting and personal mentoring, I was looking for a different, more individual, heart-based way of helping people to unfold their true potential. I was at a plateau in my own spiritual and personal growth. Then I was offered the chance to participate in the 90 Day Game. It was truly a ‘Game Changer’ for me, a way to learn new skills to bring clarity and understanding and an opportunity to channel present skills into a new way of helping people improve their lives. The 90 day game definitely fit the bill.

I bring a wealth of experience from the smorgasbord of life, including:

  • Certified Silva Method BLS 1992

  • Certified Instructor Silva Life Accelerator System

  • Certified Instructor Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System

  • Certified Silva Success Coach (John Felitto – Trained)

  • Certified Instr. Silva Method Relaxation Seminar

  • Reiki Level I & II

  • Intuition Training; Carolyn Myss / Norm Sheeley

  • Group Leader Practicing Presence Groups – Eckhart Tolle Teachings

  • Successful Entrepreneur & Businesswoman

  • Marathon runner / Triathlete

Arna Berg 


Rudra Dasgupta

I was in a critical stage of my life, trying to find myself, when I was drawn to John Felitto and the 90-Day Game. When I first spoke to John, we instantly connected and I was attracted by his deeper understanding of life and compassionate guidance. The 90-Day Game came into my life as a “game changer” which brought new meaning to my life.

Being in the corporate world for more than two decades, many of my deep-rooted beliefs on Goal setting were challenged. I came to understand how to navigate through life’s journey in a more Soulful way; a journey which was initially difficult to fathom but soon became a part of my life. While playing the game I could achieve more than I ever could in many years put together. I took a bold decision; a giant leap by stepping out of my job and started my organization – Your Bigger Impact (YBI). Based out of Dubai (YBI) helps business owners, consultants and working professionals “lead” themselves, expand their consciousness and explore growth opportunities thereby adding more purpose, value and profits in a more “inside-out” way.

The 90-Day Game has helped and impacted me so much so, that I decided to make it a part of my life and also introduce the “magic” in as many lives as possible. Today, not only have I myself played several 90-Day Games, (and I am still playing), I have introduced the same to many who have experienced the magic in their career, business and their lives through this transformational game. They have become hugely effective, reduced their working hours drastically, grown their business tremendously, working on their passion and created wonderful relationships with absolute ease and grace.

I love the game, encourage everyone to play and glad to serve as many as I can.


Danielle Felitto

My desire to help others, and belief that anything is possible are some of the considerations that drew me to becoming a faciliplayer. Additionally, being a faciliplayer also holds me accountable for keeping up with my personal practice and growth.

My experience in the service industry has got me very used to playing a support role and whether you are a stylist, CEO, or client, it is a true passion of mine to be ready with the tools you need to assist you in getting the job done and I’m ready and excited to be there every step of the way.


My name’s Barbara Hawkins and I’m a Certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer. Here’s a bit about me… on a personal note, that is. I love to have fun and exploring new techniques, ideas and concepts. Some people call me an intellectual, or a philosopher. That sure sounds boring but it’s fun, an adventure, to delve into new ideas, looking for differences and common ground. Expands my thinking, my mind gets a work-out!

Perhaps you already know that I’ve been teaching The Silva Method for over 20 years now and coaching some of the Graduates. A few years after I started with Silva, I expanded my work to include hypnotherapy – both individual clients and certification classes – and this further expanded my coaching practice.

Last year, John Felitto asked me to become part of the 90-Day Game roll and I’m so thankful! This terrific program – The 90-Day Game – has met and exceeded everything I could have dreamed of… and more! The game brings new techniques, ideas, personal exploration / spiritual depth, and fun. I did mention fun, right? And even when you’re part of the group telegame, you’re never expected to offer anything that would make you uncomfortable. Who could ask for more?!

I invite you to expand your horizons, create new things which enrich your life and have fun in the process. I’m looking forward to getting to know you through sharing this awesome experience.

Barbara Hawkins


Michael Levine

“The only difference between a fabulous life and something less than a fabulous life is one of attitude and perspective. When you realize this, you will know that you are already living a fabulous life.” These words are written in the book, The 90-Day Game.

Focusing on the struggles keeps us from seeing our successes. Staying awake to the successes will help us to achieve more of what we want.

We all have “goals” in wellness, career and finance, relationships, recreation, and/or contribution. Celebrate your riches and successes and you will have more.

I was introduced to these words at the perfect time, when I was being challenged in many parts of my life. What I thought was impossible and overwhelming became a learning experience that helped me get to where I am today. I am excited to introduce the game to others so that they can realize their potential.

The 90-Day Game creates an orderly way to create what we want while we enjoy the process.


Rand Littlestone

Since my early teens I have been asking questions: Who are we really? What is the nature of reality? How do we find lasting happiness and make the most of our all-too-short lives?

I didn’t find the answers in religion or science, or in my 31-year corporate career, though there was much I enjoyed and gained from each. In my incessant searching, I did find glimpses of what felt like the “Truth” in various teachings and practices. I explored several, ultimately finding my path in Tibetan Buddhism.

Along the way, I met John Felitto and had the opportunity to play the 90-Day Game multiple times in its evolution. For me, the 90-Day Game is nothing less than an incredibly powerful method to bridge the essential principles of our fundamental natures (i.e. “The Truth”) with the practical reality of living day-to-day (also true!), creating what we desire and improving the quality of our lives in the process. This is HUGE!

So, why did I become a certified 90-Day Game faciliplayer?

I love the game and how it supports people in actually getting what they want. I love seeing how much people grow and flourish by playing the game, learning how they actively create their experiences and how to be more in command of the process. I find enormous satisfaction in engaging with others who are interested in questioning the limiting assumptions that our culture promotes and realizing the power we all have.

Please join me in a game and together let’s create what we truly desire while learning how to fully and joyfully live our fabulous lives.


I am a Global Peace Ambassador, therapist, recovery coach and facilitator of Compassionate Communication. The giraffe with its 26 pound heart represents the language of the heart. Just as the giraffe dissolves thorns from the acacia tree into compost, we can learn to resourcefully transform the “thorny messages” from our past into a resourceful field of possibility. We learn to be skillful gardeners of our own lives through developing enhanced awareness with self-acceptance, self-empowerment through the freedom of response-ability, and the joy of open-hearted giving and receiving. We are delighted with the easeful and peaceful blossoming of our skillful actions.

The 90-Day Game gives us an invitational “judgment free zone” based on mutual respect within which we can discover and express the fullness of who we truly are. We are supported in identifying our strengths and our vision for ourselves based on our core values of integrity and authentic self-expression.

For me, there is no greater joy than contributing to the happiness and well being of others. Your joining us in this delightful 90 Day Game of life will be a gift to us both.

Mike Murphy


Maria Vizzi

It was my good fortune to be referred to John Felitto at a time when I was making a BIG transition from Corporate Sales to starting my own business. I was scared; ill-equipped to deal with the emotional roller coaster for which I was about to embark. Through his expert coaching and more than a few 90-Day Games under my belt, 13 years later, my business is flourishing. Could I have had the same success without knowing John or the 90-Day Game? Maybe, but I doubt it. I would have been trying to build something (my life and business) without any of these specialized “tools.”

Like many people, I was molded by influences that support fear, lack, and a resignation that life is meant to be difficult. The truth is that it can be, if you don’t have the right tools. Try to imagine building a house with just a wrench. You get the picture.

The 90-Day Game is a set of tools, grounded in sound principles that has helped build the life I want. More importantly, it helped me deal with the day-to-day events that in the past could have been difficult to navigate. Life isn’t a straight line; we know this.

Over the years I have imparted, through both discussion and example, 90-Day Game plays with important people in my life. I have had tremendous satisfaction watching them confront life with more courage and zest as a result.

By becoming a Certified 90-Day Game Faciliplayer, I can simply help more people become experts in the game of Life and of course, and in doing so, I get to play too. Every day we need to Wash, Rinse, then Repeat – right?

Come join an upcoming 90-Day Game to gather more Life loving, Life Coping, business building, I-can-do-anything-my-heart-desires tools.

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