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Hi, I'm John

It’s time for you to intentionally create what you truly want in your life and do it with less stress and struggle. Yes, you can actually create what you want with grace and ease.


You deserve to create what you want without the multiple starts and stops, struggle and overwhelm.

  • Imagine waking up with enthusiastic energy

  • Clear on what you want and why you want it

  • Aware of the talents and strengths you have to create it

  • Easily attract the insights and complimentary talent you need

When you set your goal to create something in your life, you wanted the satisfaction of giving birth to it - but up until now, you haven’t been able to make it happen. Although it feels like it your fault, it’s really not.


The traditional model is a goal-setting, problem-solving approach meaning, you have to set goals, go nose-to-the-grindstone, and take massive action.


But you did all these things, right? And, how did that work out?

  1.  You did the S.M.A.R.T. goal thing

  2.  It was specific and measurable

  3.  You did what you thought was attainable and realistic

  4.  You took massive action

  5.  Still no results, right?

  6.  Now other problems are happening as a result!!


Believe me, as a recovering prideful problem-solver and goal-addicted achiever, I completely understand your stressful pain.

But, do you know, you can create what you want without that stress and struggle? Be free from the frustrating starts and stops. Yes, you can reject the strain of that “no pain no gain” conditioning. Actually, the more you engage a joy-filled process, the more you will want to be in your creation game because you will actually enjoy the ride for a change!

Welcome to the 90-Day Game Telegame: Your Pathway to Creating what You Truly Want While Enjoying the Process.

Full of proven techniques, genius ideas and easy-to-follow steps, the 90-Day Game Telegame will breathe life into you with a fresh approach that gives you back the joy of that original urge which got dampen from all of that struggle.

Playing the 90-DAY TELEGAME will:

  • Produce clarity of purpose and awareness of who you are and where you are going

  • Produce focus, light-heartedness, enthusiasm, and energy

  • Get you thinking more creatively

  • Provide the objectivity needed to maintain and regain your course

  • Give you a simple structure for taking action

Playing the 90-DAY TELEGAME will show you:

  • That all you need to create what you deeply desire is already within you

  • How to get comfortable with the natural discomfort of change

  • How to stop struggling and accomplish more with grace and ease

  • What you believe to be true is flexible and can be rewritten

What you have labeled as “negative” can be recast as valuable guidance information

In addition to creating and enjoying what you want, you will walk away with a new view of yourself and a fresh perspective on your capabilities. You will be more joyful, appreciative, fulfilled, and self-accepting.

Unlike other programs that tell you what you should do and who you should be, the 90-Day Game elegantly sets a powerful environment and an orderly step-by-step process that successfully evokes your inherent greatness – that greatness that is already within you and eager to be released.


If you are exhausted from trying to figure it all out and would prefer to attract all you need… If you are overwhelmed by taking massive action and would rather take refined action with grace and ease … If you've been frustrated by getting little to no results and ready for a fresh approach… If you are tired of chasing goals and want to live the life you want now, play the 90-Day Telegame.



The 90-Day Game Book* – It’s laid out in a day-to-day format, making it easy to stay on course.


The Companion Playbook* – It includes all of the templates, checklists and exercises from the 90-Day Game Book.


Mind Game Audio – Includes 10 dynamic mental exercises designed to support you in developing access, communication, and command of your inner states of consciousness. Mind Games soothe your nervous system and synchronize your emotions and thoughts with the practical actions you are taking within the creation process. 


The Card Deck* - The Top Ten Spiritual Principles for Evoking Your Greatness invites you, the player, to reflect on your motivations and actions. Each game day engages one of the values-based principles and gives consideration to how that particular principle relates to what you are experiencing, enjoying and creating within your fabulous life.

*These materials are not digital PDFs. You will find hard copies of these books and the card deck in your mailbox.


You’ll enjoy 13 weekly one hour telegame calls with 8 players and our team of certified faciliplayer coaches

You’ll get the real time coaching you’ll want and need from faciliplayer coaches trained to listen deeply and support you in a way that will inspire you and increase your awareness of your strengths


Henry Pruitt.jpg

"Playing the game provided me with a great framework to organize my thoughts and get clarity on what was important in my new job role, and more significantly, what was important in my life. The activities and exercises were instrumental in really getting clarity on what matters, and what "winning" really means."

Henry Pruit 

NYU Strategic

Collaborative IT Leader


“John Felitto is a unique individual as he is dependable, capable and someone who adds value to everyone's life that he touches. He is someone whom everyone should know if they want to enrich their lives.”

Ralph Petti

CRO Scalable Risk Solutions


"John is a caring and conscientious coach.

His talents include clear communications, the ability to engage an audience, and obtaining the desired results."

Rocky Romero 

Personal Coach

You will also get these bonuses

Video Companion.png

You’ll enjoy a multi-media experience:

The new companion video series – On these high-quality videos, I will be with you to reinforcement and deeply internalize all the key game insights. These videos are formatted to align with each of the nine parts of this 13-week course.

audible logo.png

The 90-Day Game audiobook on Audible – This recent release of the game on Audible is perfect for those who prefer to learn by listening

Starts Tuesday, September 1st - 12 noon Eastern Time

So, why should you do this with me...


I have invested my entire professional life helping individuals and entrepreneurs improve the quality of their lives. And now I’ve taken my studies of human behavior, value-based principles and direct experience from coaching to create the 90-Day Game. This is an interactive method to help people change their lives in just three months with daily exercises and examinations that prove even when bad things happen, they benefit when we learn from them.

You're ready for the 90-Day Game if you are:

  • Committed to satisfy a strong urge to create something – even if you don’t know what it is!

  • Passionate about creating real transformation

  • Willing to go a different way than 99% of the people you know

  • Willing to play with challenges and transform them into opportunities

  • Aim to participate in as many weekly telegame calls as possible

  • Willing to commit 15-20 minutes per day for 4-5 days each week to create the change you want to make in your life

You're NOT ready for the 90-Day Game if you are:

  • Convinced that success can only be achieved by the traditional nose-to-the-grindstone, strain and struggle your way through approach

  • Skeptical that you can ever create what you want

  • Afraid to take risks and try new things

  • Not willing to invest in yourself

  • Not willing to commit 15-20 minutes per day for 4-5 days per week

  • Unable to manage your time properly and cannot commit to learning and implementing

You might be thinking, “all this sounds great, but, what if I get into the game and it’s just not right for me?”


Because I believe in you, and in this program 100%, I’m willing to offer an unconditional money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money.

So now you have a choice:


You can totally pass on this program and keep wondering how, exactly, you’ll ever satisfy that urge within you.


You can waffle for a few hours or a few days, and maybe miss your opportunity entirely because you did not take action.


Or you can commit to investing in yourself now and join us immediately.


When you take decisive action, it instantly builds self-confidence.

Starts Tuesday, September 1st - 12 noon Eastern Time


Q: Will this system really work?

 A: If you put in the dedication, set time aside to execute and commit to following the steps -yes.


Q: How much is it and how can I pay?

 A: You can make one payment of $847 or three (3) monthly payments of $297. We accept PayPal for single payments and installment plans.


Q: How long do I have to make a decision?

A: The 90-DAY GAME TELEGAME is available up until two weeks prior to the schedule game. This allows for the mailing time to deliver your game and bonus material. HOWEVER, there is a strong likelihood that if you wait that long, the class will be full.


Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. From the date of purchase, through the full 90 days, there is an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you feel you are not getting value from the program, you will get a full refund. By the way, no player has ever requested a refund.


Q: Can I work at my own pace?

A: Like with any game, you need to keep pace with your fellow players. THE 90-DAY TELEGAME has been tested for 19 years and the pace is quite doable. You will play 15-20 minutes per day for 4-5 days each week. You will have a minimum of 2 free days each week allowing plenty of time for life without any sense of pressure.


Q: Is there a private player Facebook group? 

A: Yes, we have a dedicated private Facebook group for players only. You are encouraged to share your wins, challenges and experiences of all kinds. Although very beneficial, participation is optional.


Q: I read through this page and what you are describing seems like a lot of work.

Is it worth the effort?

A: Do games have challenges? You bet they do. That is where the fun and fulfillment are. Although you will dig in and play, there is no hard labor or struggle. If you want to play the “no pain, no gain” game, you won’t find it here. This game promotes grace, ease and an enjoyable process.

The great thing about Telegames

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 7.25.28 PM.png
Vinny Picardi 1.jpg

One of the greatest things about the telegames is that they are limited to 8 players. You get to be heard and supported by your fellow players and our experienced faciliplayer coaching team. You also get great satisfaction from contributing to the success of your fellow players as well. The challenge with this is that these telegames fill quickly and you’ll have to wait as long as 5 months to play the next game if you don’t join this one now.

Starts Tuesday, September 1st - 12 noon Eastern Time

That's it! Last chance!

Now, just to be clear…

There are A LOT of things that go into a successful game. You have to be committed to stay in the game and apply yourself if you truly want to create something magnificent in your life. By playing a Telegame, you will not only have the step-by-step structure of the 90-Day Game, you will have this group of players and our coaching team with you all the way through. And, I will be pleased to be your lead faciliplayer for this game. Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you have nothing to lose. Come join us! We’re looking forward to playing the game with you.

Playfully yours,

John Felitto

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